Pool Rules & Guidelines

• Adult swim is called 15 minutes before each hour when lifeguards are on. This is an adult only pool & spa time.
• The spa is for adults 15 & older. Children tall enough to stand flat footed with their head completely out of the water may use the spa with direct supervision.
• Adult Lap Swimmers & therapy users may swim in our indoor pool daily from 6:30 to 8:30 am. Please check in at the AVAC® Front Desk.
• Wristbands are required for all junior members & their guests.
• No running on the pool deck.
• No flotation devices for children (including & not limited to water-wings, life jackets, & pool noodles). Kick boards & pull buoys may be used by lap swimmers only. Children or adults with special conditions requesting a Coast Guard approved life jacket should see an AVAC® Manager.
• Mermaid fins are permitted at the lifeguard’s discretion. If misused or becomes an obstacle, they will be ask for it to be removed.
• Small safe balls & diving toys that are utilized safely are permitted. Objects that are thrown into the lap lanes will be confiscated by the lifeguards and returned at the end of the day. During family swim times only (Saturday & Sunday from 2 - 5 pm in the Summer) members are permitted to have beach balls in the pool.
• Lap lanes are for responsible lap swimmers only. Proper lane swimming etiquette will be enforced.
• No hanging, sitting or standing on the lane lines.
• No outside chairs or music.
• Children in the wading pool must have adult supervision at all times (within arm’s reach of child).
• Re-usable swim diapers are required for all children under the age of three & for all non-potty trained swimmers.
• Diving is permitted only in the 9’ section.
• No glass containers of any kind.
Use of the pool is at the discretion of the lifeguards & management who reserve the right to enforce the rules.

Pre-Comp Course | Lanes 3, 4, & 5 will be used. Sunday | 9:45 - 11 am (ongoing) & Tuesday | 5:30 - 6:45 pm (through May 28)

Storm Policy | In high winds/heavy rains, Aqua Classes will be cancelled for the protection of students & instructors. Call 408.445.4900 an hour before the class to verify. Pool will be closed during lightning storms at Management’s discretion.

Adult Supervision Guidelines

Age of Child Lifeguard on Duty No Lifeguard on Duty
0-8 Direct adult supervision Direct adult supervision
9-11 Adult must remain on the AVAC® campus Direct adult supervision
12-14 Parent may drop off after providing AVAC®
Front Desk with contact information.
Direct adult supervision