Almaden Valley Athletic Club®

Strength Training/Sculpting


We Have Programs For You

  • 20/20/20

    Twenty minutes of upper and lower body strength endurance, 20 minutes of core training, and 20 minutes stretch.
  • Basic Strength

    Each movement is broken down to its basic principals. Learn why your body needs strength training and how to safely acquire muscular strength and endurance. This class will include exercises for each major muscle group.
  • Bikini Bod Squad

    July 16 - September 7
    Stay #SummerReady with the Bikini Bod Squad!
    Lose body fat & feel fantastic
    Gain energy to keep up with the kids
    FREE child care during class time for 1st child.
    FREE athletic tank provided to all participants.

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  • Lower Body Blast

    A 30-minute toning and strengthening class concentrating on the lower body.
  • Power PLAY

    Traditional Sculpting + NEW Core Training. Each week, different areas of the body are emphasized, with more one-on-one help and class-member requests!
  • Total Body Conditioning

    One hour of total Total Body Conditioning. Work every muscle from every angle. This workout is designed to improve muscular strength, endurance and balance as well as coordination and agility. Several pieces of equipment will be utilized during each session.
  • Strictly Core

    Just like it sounds. No warm up or cool down. Just core strengthening. AVAC's Strictly Core instructor will lead you through a series of exercises utilizing extension, flexion, rotation and stabilization. These exercises will strengthen both core stabilizers and prime movers.
  • Ultimate Athletic Conditioning

    U.A.C. Boost your metabolism, burn calories, increase strength, proprioception, and endurance with this overall strength and sports conditioning class that uses circuit and interval training techniques.

Where To Find Us


Mon thru Fri - 5 am to 10 pm
Sat and Sun - 6:30 am to 8 pm

5400 Camden Ave
San Jose, California 95124