Two New Pilates Classes Starting the Week of October 1

Brand New @ AVAC®: 

 » Orientation to Pilates
Wednesdays @ 4 pm
(starting October 3)

» Teen Pilates
Thursdays @ 4 pm
(starting October 4)

You’ve probably heard of PILATES, and you might have seen a Pilates reformer or even that intimidating-looking device in the upstairs studio (aka the Pilates Cadillac) but chances are if you haven’t done a class before you might not know exactly where to begin, which class to attend, or what to expect.

Luckily, Bess Mahaney (AVAC® Pilates instructor) is here to help you navigate the path to Pilates! Click HERE for Bess’ explanation of the principles and fundamentals of this amazing exercise method, and find out how to join her at an upcoming Pilates Mat and/or Orientation class.